Hi, I am a new guy here. Didn't know which section to post this in, so I am asking it here.
Lately I am kind of thinking about making some short animated videos explaining science things. Nothing fancy, just some random physics or chemistry things you know. Like a car hitting a building or a plane flying etc. I was wondering if Adobe Flash CS6 the right kind of software for this. I practiced a little bit with it and it's definitely cool.

And another thing, I see a lot of you have made flash animation. What software did you use to make those? Adobe, macromedia or anything else?

And the last one, Adobe Flash doesn't really handle foreign fonts well. And it's kind of heavy too, with a lot of options and buttons. Is there any other kind of animation software for this? My animated videos aren't going to be much fancy, with a lot of facial expression, or lip syncing. Just some regular science topics , that's all.

That's everything for today, hope you guys can help me out.

With regards