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    TRGG's nonsensular animaticular paraphanalia!

    Made this thread for all the random stuff I didn't really finish or post on my thread.

    Every so often, I'll build up enough effort to actually GIFinate a few more for here. :P

    This was an unfinished joint between me and Stimps for my ancient Virus Collab. Which failed. So neh.

    this one was a joint me and buzz never got round to completing, but it was close enough. :P

    Gun shading example
    Uber-quick example. I did this 'cos another animator was animating a gunshot scene, with a shadow in the bg... But was making the shadow flash as if it were also firing a gun. Note, the shadow does NOT change shading, it does not flash, and yhes, iht ihs ghlitchy.

    Fun times.


    Bazooka Sprite Test
    I was testing with the sprites in Piv 3 back in my days at PivotAnimation, and I made this for a weapon competition, which I won. DD

    All sprites ME. >C

    Virtual War

    I dunno who I failed this joint with. Ah well. :P
    P.S. Image is small, effort is empty!
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    Those were all awesome and so original. I can't see anything you need to work on... They were great, man.

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    Double-you OH double-you!
    That's all I have to say. Lol, I really liked the first one alot. i am a newcomer or whatever but they all were WAY better than my shaunty ass could doo. Props man
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