Well we got this tourney in OMGstickmationz ( CG is also in it ) Where we have a bunch of battles not just in pivot but in all programs so i chose pivot, and we had to make a list of powers for our warrior his name and weapons and wat program were using. and this my thread to show you my progress it showws how many frames completed in my sig srry pivs only lolz.

http://www.pivothost.org/upload/v2/ragi ... htvbet.piv

And btw im not advertising k? and just to let y'know Im versus i guy called grinsa, and his warriors name is DarKnight.

Heres my charcter profile:

Name: Shadow Howl

Color: Dark Red

Power: Superhuman strength, speed, he can fly, he can shoot REAL BIG beams, has superior combat skills, can lift up to a trillion times the weight of a planet, very aggressive and will make a mess of things if anyone stands in his way. And he can block anything telekinetic and reverse it towards his opponent. He flies with his wings. Oh and unlimited stamina and agility unlike any other.

Weapons: Long katanas and swords (like Sephiroth)

Weakness: He is weak when there is a blinding source of pure light

Program: Pivot

And here is Grinsas:

Name: DarKnight

Color: Red

Power: Agility, stamina, control of gravity, martial arts, and laser vision.

Weapons: Guns, Samurai Sword, Super Powered Fists

Weakness: The Light

Program: Pivot

Oh and im still doing the intro, we have to show the intro of each competitors im doing DarKnight's