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    My Vpf collab entry

    Ok i am prat of this site called Virtual Pivot Forces and we made a collab and here is my entry

    please watch and tell me what was bad abot it

    my fight scene in it was really really wierd somthin was wrong with it can you find wat it was

    creds to whovers gunblast and alphabet i used
    and Jon for the transperency thingy... thing

    soon the name of papa21p3 will be sananomaus with DOOKIE!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: My Vpf collab entry

    That was actually very good i liked it, especially the way you done

    D-faults ha ha shortening it, Sorry i'm easily amused, Well nice physics and punching.. keep it up, And spend more time on darkdemon than on the other site
    DD is better
    You gonna' eat that dead fat guy !


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