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Thread: Xeno Arm

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    Xeno Arm

    Well, I was testing out how a slash on a Xenomorph.
    And it eventually turned into one of my smoothest animations do date. Somehow.
    I know it's only the arm moving, that's because well, the rest of the xenomorph is unfinished, and it was a test.

    I decided to put it here mainly because i only animated the arm.

    Well, here it is.

    SA$_/AI%20has log[d in.
    > S&ys|BT
    > P_s word?
    > OMEGA
    >> A^e_%20_u su!e? (Y/N)
    > Y
    >> S##t m_ Rebooting. Hello, Samuel.

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    Yup, way smoother than your other anis. Now you just need to move the whole thing with smoothness and it'll look great .
    Well, hopefully you can get something going. Good job easing.


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