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    I. Am. Boring.

    Intro to my new series

    I know, not much action in it. I'll post a few parts here when finished.
    http://www.pivothost.org/upload/v2/Lyon ... _1omrk.piv
    No stealy

    Story so far :The series is called Way of the Warrior, It's about a warrior who has been training To be one of the best sword fighters there is so he can assist in the great war that has been going on among multi - universes for 573 years. He is now 19, and is about ready to prove himself on the battlefeld.

    Characters(so far):

    -Johnathan: The 19 year old swordsmaster. He has been training all of his life to be of service on the battlefield. He wields the blade Karikami, A sacred weapon created by the light demons.

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    hmm, not a whole lot to go on, it wasn't much of an animation, but it seems interesting.

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