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    Liek in your bed stabbing your pillow

    Razo Upcoming Animation :D

    I posted this vid like 2 month ago :P
    I was lazy to post here but know I have to to post
    my upcoming vid here.
    PS: I'm CrzyZ41
    I'll finish this, if i'm not too rusty :P


    Options :P
    1. If you like Naruto just comment
    2. If you hate Naruto..GTFO
    3. If you hate Naruto, but still wanna comment it (Positive only)

    Well..its not Naruto but it inspired Naruto
    Except 00:09

    Comment it in Youtube and Rate...if you want

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    Woah, nice one mate.
    I dont like Naruto, but it was still great, the fast paced action, and the hands were pretty cool. Keep it up mate, I'd love to see those animations finished.


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