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    My first Ani for DD

    This is my first animation posted on DD, yes I am a pivot noob and would luv help from all of you to rank me up!

    Animation Description: It is a random stick figure getting hit woth huge balls, notice when he gets hit with the large balls, he does not fall, but when he gets hit with the small ball, he falls abruptly. I need alot of help with choppiness, easing, and physics. You notice that when he falls he just transports to the floor, I also need help with that, so I am really needing some help.

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    since its your 1st ani on dd Id say youre a low beginner

    Quote Originally Posted by Nuberdapivot
    He translated this from poland to english.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sticker
    since its your 1st ani on dd Id say youre a low beginner
    This doesn't help moron, read the rules.

    Anyway, if you would add me on msn, I could show you what to do..



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