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    Kodinote's Olde' Animations

    I found my old flash drive recently, and I happened to have saved my old animations (over 1 year +) from the old beginner days... Those were the days.
    Enjoy your beginner days while you can :c .

    Well, here are some of my old animations, but it's late here...

    Here is my oldest animation in my flash drive, and I think this is my first pivot animation.

    Here is another old animations, my 2nd, I believe.

    Another one, old as well, but done a while after those animations above.

    Also, here's probably Xenomorph911's first animation ever. I introduced him to Pivot ;D.


    Compare those with this fairly recent animation I made a while ago.
    Orrr this one. Orrr my avatar minus the OMGWORM text.


    I've got more oldies, but it's late here. I'll edit more in this weekend.

    I love my oldies.

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    Lol loving the old animations. Your first is better than my first i think :O
    Nice 3D animation and I love the car type animation. 5/100 FD ftw XD
    Hope to see you in elites soon *hint* *hint* :P
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    The third one is my favorite.


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