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    Just trying a lil 3D

    Well an obvious fail, however it was great practice for me and i hope to use the 3d element and improve it in a future animation.

    Anyway i noted down a couple of things that i need to improve maybe you can pick up on some more?


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    The 3-D is kinda choppy,other than that you cant tell whats going on.

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    3D needs to be nice and smooth, no quick movements if you're showing different positions of something. That's what you did wrong, it was so fast you could barely tell it was 3D. Also, try to keep the figure with 3D in the same place all the time, even when it's rotating. Normally it would do that itself, because if you make one side longer, the other side has to get shorter. But I like how you made the color different that showed shadow on it.

    Keep on working on it!

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    tip that may make it look better: i like how you rotated the blue bar. but they zoomed and rotated at separate times, i think. it was all liek:

    *zoom in super fast*
    *stop abrubtly*

    it should be rotating as its zooming in. you know. to give it more 3D ness. :P try that out. i'm not sure if it'll work, but its worth a try, i guess
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    The 3D itself didn't look too good, but wverything else was fie
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