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    Feb 2008

    whaduya guys think of this shytiltszzle?

    http://uploaded.pivothost.org/dbs55/PIV ... Y!aicl.gif
    its mai newest ani, i dun know, its stiff. MAKE mE MAKE IT BETTER?!?! CC it please.
    Dun be mean kai?

    Click here to avoid ever getting sexually assulted by michel jackson stay safe and clean.
    DONNT CLICK HERE, OR BE A MORON AND DO SO ! rikidy rolled.
    Quote Originally Posted by andreewww
    the animation, sucks. ok not really. its awesome,
    for some reason, that made me laugh really hard when he said it to jon

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    Re: whaduya guys think of this shytiltszzle?

    You've already posted this in your thread in the beginner's hall which is prohibited. It's against the rules to post the same animation in Freestyle and the other sections.

    Please refrain from doing this again, you've been warned. PM me if you have any further questions.

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    All hail the Animal King!? ???

    Re: whaduya guys think of this shytiltszzle?

    May I just remind Staff that when this offence occurs, you need to post here also - viewtopic.php?f=61&t=26218&p=400979#p400979
    [center:13w2rfcr]My Thread (updated 26/1/11!)[/center:13w2rfcr][center:13w2rfcr][/center:13w2rfcr] [center:13w2rfcr]Skype: lucienpicto[/center:13w2rfcr][center:13w2rfcr]Steam: _picto[/center:13w2rfcr]
    Quote Originally Posted by StargateSG
    But tell me, what is homo love?


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