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    Re: Failed Plane Animation

    I fucking loved it.. The inside of the plane scene was epic as well. Non-fail? :c

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    Re: Failed Plane Animation

    That was sweet! I also say: Non-fail!

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    Re: Failed Plane Animation

    Good idea, the movements were nice too, but I would have love to see some more effects, like atleats somehting like smoke getting out the the plane... Overall it was a pretty good animation, but the big thing I dislike was the unrealisticness, they were fighting on a plane, the plane wasnt moving at all (maybe a make it shaking a bit in the air) and the fact that we could see the pilote by the front of the plane. Also, IMO the plane was really small, the windows were like 10 times too small for the size of the fighters on it.

    I know Im not suppose to do this kind of comment in freestyle, but im just sick of seing people always commenting the same thing. IMO, this comment will help you to get better, not like a: omg cool, that was uber nice........


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