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    my best animation

    Im not too good at pivot but well here are a couple of mine in one.i mess up on a couple but oh well. link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PE30PdOK4fE

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    Re: my best animation

    Just a couple of things before i comment on the animation, just some advice.


    Users perfer animations hosted on image hosting sites rather than youtube, it's also faster to host. This way you can have animations playing in your post / thread.
    A popular hosting site would be imageshack.us.

    Linking / BBcodes

    Instead of copying and pasting the link on to your thread, simply put the following..

    This way people only have to click the link to access the animation, alternativly have either side of the animation url ( Host an animation and you receive one ). Resulting in the animation playing without the need of clicking. This way people don't need to copy and paste the url, a time saver really.

    The Animation
    It's far from bad for a 1st animation, the majority of members all started with animation much like yours. I suggest you browse the tutorial section the site offers and study piv file / Animations and read techniques.

    Begginers Hall
    Feel free to keep posting here, but if you haven't already make a thread on one of the begginers halls and host your animations. People will then offer more constructive critiszm to help you in animating.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: my best animation

    watch a few tutorials try to move both men at the same time i saw one part where he floated in mid air. keep trying

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