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    What is my skill?

    Hey as you can see im new to this forum and i really want to see what skill level i am.
    I've been doing pivots for a long time but yet in Baha's tutorial (thx very much btw ^^) i realised how much i was missing. So after that i made an animation and here it is. (i couldnt think of a better name ^^ and i was using pivot 3 hope that is ok)
    More of them are coming up but im pretty busy with school and stuff so... :/

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    Re: What is my skill?

    Low beginner, try having some physics and easing. But, you should really be automatically posting your animations in the beginner's hall to start.
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    Re: What is my skill?

    If you want a rank, post your animations in the Beginners Hall. This forum is just for comments.
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    Re: What is my skill?

    if you wanna proper feedback, you gotta post in the begginers hall
    here is the link so you can post in there.

    begginers hall


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