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Thread: Where is it?

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    Where is it?

    this is my new animation, where some guy has to get something but he doesn't find it and the peeps he had to get it for try to kill him. I hope it will make me an intermediate,
    I'm working hard on this one. Do you like the start, and think it will make and interesting animation?

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    Re: Where is it?

    Storyline is alright i guess, i can imagine a kick ass chase from it XD. It seems your challenging yourself with the 3D door, which looks pretty cool. I reckon if you zoomed in on the building it could look better but it's down to preference. Extra detail on the scenery would be nice aswell and not just one block of color.

    It may pan out to be a good animation, just stick with it and take your time.

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    Re: Where is it?

    Lol that was good

    Good floor physics

    Courtesy? Please? Pretty please?


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    Re: Where is it?

    Nice it really might take you to inters might remember might you need good physics easing and less stiffness for an inter anim!


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