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    Enthusiast Mitchewawa's Avatar

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    Apr 2008

    My 1st Shown Pivot: Buisnessmen Combat

    This is my 1st pivot shown on DarkDemon.org but i have some on youtube called 'mitchewawa's pivots'

    Anyway i just finished this one and i wanted to know if it sucked.

    I do know that the drawers cupboard going back up was bad animating and thiers a bit of choppyness and the opening of the door was bad i was too lazy to make it a 'pull' door so i made it a 'push' door

    BTW: Which Begginer should i post in? 1 or 2?

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    Apr 2008

    Re: My 1st Shown Pivot: Buisnessmen Combat

    Good try at full body animations, but it did suck. Use more easing, and realistic movements. Keep working on it.


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