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    P-Dude's inter attempt preview

    I'm making an anim atm that will be my inter attempt when finished.
    Ive got this so far i was gonna have him shot a beam at the guy (guy is flying fomr top right to bottom left) but i can't find a good way of doing it.
    Gif raped the fuck out of the colours, at the end the easings fucked cause i stoped during it and faded out, thats not how the easing finishes

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    Re: P-Dude's inter attempt preview

    Its alright. You really need to work on the movements at the moment before you get inters. Your backgrounds are nice but they dont get you inters. (just a question: If your trying an interz attempt then why not put it on your thread?)
    [center:yk9ruu5q]Hbz, Looks sexy in vip blue doesnt it?
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