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    Punch+Knee combo

    Shaking the rust off, but not shaking the shakiness off...

    edit: osht, credits to werez, his base. SORRY EVERYBODY!

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    Re: Punch+Knee combo

    I like the legs, smooth. And it really flows. If you were beginner I'd say thread it, but inters is reaching its high point again. Honestly, if you were high inters a year ago, it'd be like low-med inter now.

    But we gotta keep getting better, eh? Everyone's always quitting.
    Don't you quit on us, memadman

    Well, on topic. I liked it. The arms should be a little less steady and either shaky to make the guy look scared, or perfectly eased to make him look like an animation. But whatever, it was nice. Although I like it more when you do your awesome sticks. You're good at making them.


    Gosh, I really need to understand the difference between you and aerial I keep getting mixed up.
    [center:15cesajl]I'm gone, but I loved my time here. Thank you all for being such a great community![/center:15cesajl]


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