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    How should this go on??

    Read the title and tell me how to go on.

    there we go.

    NOW TELL ME! >=3

    Creds to PWND for the SWAT guy- the guy with the helmet

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    Re: How should this go on??

    How about them doing something?

    You haven't exactly done alot other than a guy moving his arm up for no real reason. I suggest either start a new animation, or get these guys fighting / doing something like a stick falls down and they fight over it, use your imagination as i have quite clearly shown i have none.

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    Re: How should this go on??

    Quote Originally Posted by Acemonkid
    Read the title and tell me how to go on.
    20 frames back. It already looks crazily spaztic. try animating the first 20 frames better. thats a start. because the one guy doesnt move at all. And the other the one just changes position during a blackout. If I wer u I would really just start over and atleast try moving the stick some. Even if the movements r off its better to atleast try instead of just rushing the whole thing.

    But as to what i think should happen next. The other stick who hasnt moved yet should turn around and see what that guy is pointing @ then stick pointing puts a kick me sign on his back or something. I mean its not really that hard. Flex ur brain some. Just think of an ending and animate till u get there. :P

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    Re: How should this go on??

    Im gonna go ahead and lock this...Try posting something worth posting next time.
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