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    There is much suckage in this sector


    Fo reals.
    I wanted to animate, and got that.
    i even made a new base for it.
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    Re: There is much suckage in this sector

    nice, you made the huge centre fade thing look cool. The only thing I did'nt like was how the explosion did'nt really expand. Oh and Im pretty sure i've seen that base somewhere before..

    Crono- I'm pretty sure you haven't, it looks similar to one of El Lobos I think.

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    Re: There is much suckage in this sector

    I dont think the red blast should have slowed so fast, but still interesting anim and nice base.

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    Re: There is much suckage in this sector

    I think you made the stick fade too quick, you should let it stay in even with the blast, or just make him get blasted away by it. I think you should just make him fade when the blast has full force though.
    The rest was pretty neat, I liked it.

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