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    Perpetual Motion Machine

    Yeah I was bored.

    So here's the explanation. This machine is perpetual motion, meaning it runs forever and ever.
    The ball is metal. The small black thing is a magnent, that always wants to repel the metal ball.
    The magnent weighs more than the ball.

    So here's what's happening:
    The ball rolls down. The magnent repels the ball and since it has nowhere else to go, it slides up the stick to the other side, making the seesaw fall the other way. The ball rolls down to the other side, where it goes into a holder. The magnent is repelled, and flies to the other side, making the seesaw go down. the ball is lifted up to the top, where it rolls down to start the whole proccess over.
    So yeah, I made my own perpetual motion machine, and there are not many of these in the world.

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    Re: Perpetual Motion Machine

    man well explained thats awsome u should have eased the ball more wen it was on the ground though then it wud have ben mint
    elmo says your sig was much too big.


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