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    Also, failed DDC7


    Failed, due to obvious reasons.
    It sucks.
    Sure, the intros to the environments are great, but that's about all there is.
    The few movements are smooth sure, the FEW.
    Although, I like this animation, it is not worthy of a DDC.
    I loved the flip at the end though, when Link stabbed Ganon (yeah ganon stfu) in the face, and jumped back. :U
    That's about it.

    Credits to: FD,Picto, FF, and Limped

    If you want the Link full body, pm me.
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    Re: Also, failed DDC7

    I thought it was good, Herny. I don't know why you think it sucks. Easing and effects were the shis.

    You should've continued it.
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    Re: Also, failed DDC7

    Yeah, the backgrounds in the beginning are awesome. I love the flash transition. The movements were alright, but I would like to see some more action. I think what would of made it better is if you continued the same backgrounds through out the entire animation, instead of making the end blackline. Sure it would be harder, but it would look awesome. But either way its a good animation.

    Yeah, that's another reason why I didn't enter it. The lack of detail in the second half compared to the first. I tried to give the forest a strange mysterious look, but it didn't work out. Thanks though.

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    Re: Also, failed DDC7

    Hated the colors at some parts, although it could just be the gif shitting on it. A lot of it I really liked, other than the thing about the backgrounds changing and stuff. Like wasn't multi-stick at the end, lol.

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    Re: Also, failed DDC7

    yea dude it was good. im assuming some GIF rapage anyway.

    it just seemed too jumpy from scene to scene, then it went detailed to non detailed.

    that could of been what you were aiming for but overall, the movements were very inspiring (gotcha u thought i wus gonna say somethin else)


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