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    Shadow's Newest animitation

    Mhmm, I made something new a couple months ago, though I kinda like it, it is very flawed. I especially like where he uses the rock to 'push back', I think it looks pretty good,and i've never done something like that before..


    Sorry, but it's PIV only. If enough people request, I shall add a GIF.
    Stripes would be good camouflage, if tigers weren't bright orange.
    The turtle is one part fortress, one part... mobile home.
    I love honey, but bees..
    emanating fire really cuts down on cozy nest options.

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    Re: Shadow's Newest animitation

    I like it
    The angles at the beginning are cool.you should try continuing it

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    Re: Shadow's Newest animitation

    Quote Originally Posted by HypoKorness
    I like it
    The angles at the beginning are cool.you should try continuing it

    I agree, its good, you should add some more effects! Its my opinion but if i were you i would add like an elemental fight or something... because of the terrain...
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