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    Re: I'm back, and sucking even more.


    You used my sticks!
    All 2 of them!

    I liked the way, the punch was swumg back via the reaction, gave it that nice bit of realism. It could've had alot more easing.. the foor placing was fine. Just need practise man D:

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    Re: I'm back, and sucking even more.

    Wow lizard. You've really gone rusty, I remember how smooth and sexy you were before... eurgh.

    I'd have to say, work more on your fluidity. Your movements just happen, and your ease is pretty awkward. I know it sounds a bit harsh, but I remember back when you first hit intermediate, I loved those animations.

    -Darky :3
    [center:15cesajl]I'm gone, but I loved my time here. Thank you all for being such a great community![/center:15cesajl]


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