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    Post Your Funny and Fighting Pivot Here.

    Post your best funny and fighting pivots here.
    if you like you can just post random animations.

    http://uploaded.pivothost.org/locomotive/bestctob.pivlike this

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    Re: Post Your Funny and Fighting Pivot Here.

    firt of all... the animation is stiff and uneased

    and second, thats why there's the freestyles section

    im requesting a lock
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    Re: Post Your Funny and Fighting Pivot Here.

    Ok, once more, you only post YOUR animations here, and only the ones you don't want in your thread.
    You don't make threads where you tell people to do this, but I think you can in spam pit, because I've seen one there before.
    Stuff like this goes in the SPAM PIT ok?

    So can someone either lock or move this?

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    Re: Post Your Funny and Fighting Pivot Here.

    Jeessus, read the rules, kay?
    Evenin' - PM?


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