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    One of my first animations

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    Re: One of my first animations

    it was pretty chopy so try to add a frame inbetween every frame with just as much movemeny, expamle" if you have 50 frames and its choppy, then try again by animating twice as many frames.
    easing was done ok, try to animate a car speeding up and slowing down, so like if someone is punching then have him go slow while building the punch and fast when punching.
    stiffness can be solved be moving every hoint in every frame, and i mean EVERY joint in EVERY fram.
    phizics, or gravity is just advanced easing. when something is falling it speeds up over time.
    but other then that, i cracked up at the end.
    all in all
    low begginer
    you show potentiel, keep animating.


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