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    Sort of a tribute to Giff Giff.

    Here it is, i only used his box stick, the rest is mine.

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    Re: Sort of a tribute to Giff Giff.

    wow, i like it.
    i love how the stick just pops out, and how smooth the animations is, the effects are nice also.

    Courtesy Here! - viewtopic.php?f=2&t=63784

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    Re: Sort of a tribute to Giff Giff.

    ^lol you don't ask for courtesy if you're commenting in the freestyle area. Your comment was also really short and didn't give any tips how to improve etc. Next time comment in the animation halls..


    Ontopic: I liked it. It was simple, yet pretty good looking. What bothers me is that you didn't make that box stick, which was the main part of the animation. So I can't really say "nice 3d bro" or stuff like that. The stickman in the end was kinda random but fitted in the theme.

    Overall nice job


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