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Thread: loop animation

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    Join Date
    May 2009

    loop animation

    a loop animation i made

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    Veteran Enthusiast Sniper's Avatar

    Join Date
    May 2009

    Re: continuos animation

    first of all, this is called a "loop"
    and second, u can't really get rated in the freestyle section
    i guess it's ok tho

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    Enthusiast Snuggles's Avatar

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    Mar 2009
    Blue Mountains, Australia

    Re: loop animation

    Yeah, just need to work on the basics a bit.
    Your physics needs a bit of work because it seemed that half of the animation the tripod was hovering.
    Also your easing needs work too, it just seemed to slow, try for some realism.
    And last but not least stiffness, try and move every joint in every frame, at one bit it seemed that you didnt move one section at all.
    Anyway it was OK, just practice.

    Oh and like Lilyo said "No ranking in Freestyle Animation"


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