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    スモーキー smokey23112's Avatar

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    Jun 2009

    RAWR! tell me whatcha think

    this anim was made few months ago and i still like tell me what you think

    good variation or is it just a piece of crap (shhould it be threaded)

    fiht me irl stridur
    - luv smoeky xoxoxo

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    Enthusiast Lemon's Avatar

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    Jul 2009
    British Columbia, Vancouver

    Re: RAWR! tell me whatcha think

    I'd say so-so,mainly all parts contained a bunch of stiffness and un-eased parts,but the good thing that I was impressed about was those moves were great including the step-kick combination.

    Keep practicing and you will get better.
    -[Youtube Channel]-[/centerlooshnx]


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