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Thread: Tell me...

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    Tell me...

    What rank am I? I just did this like, the other day, and I think it is my best yet... How do I get it to run faster and not be so choppy?
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    Re: Tell me...

    We don't rank here at freestyle section, but for your problem, I advice you to check tutorials -section, there's a tutorial which shows you how to save animation properly, it will speed it up nicely.

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    Re: Tell me...

    Your medium beginner. The movements were actually good, but much to slow. You need easing. If you don't know what that is, try reading this. If that doesn't help, try asking a fellow animator in Beginner's Hall Chat.

    Your movements were also a bit shaky. They need to flow, like when a leg starts moving up, its need to stay going up in the same directional way. It shouldn't go back, move forward, or back down. It needs to keep going up until the movement is done.

    And when he was running, he needs to move forward faster, because it looked like he was running in place a lot.

    I hoped that helped .

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    Re: Tell me...

    Actualy i disagree with you System. He is a low begginer. The movements were very unrealistic, and the spacing wasn't too good, which made the animation look really choppy. I sugest looking up at some quick tutorials, so you can learn a few basic movements, and how to save your animation properly.


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