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    Physics, Effects and 3D. -.-

    I was screwing around with the 3 things that I hate the most in pivot;
    Effects, physics and 3D.
    I kind of ignored the movements and the flow though, just to work on my effects, physics and 3D.

    Credits: All sticks by me.

    Comments: On the 3D, I think he popped up too soon, but I like how the ball thing loads up, but after that it gets a little weird. I do think the physics are ok though.


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    Re: Physics, Effects and 3D. -.-

    Yay, an animation!

    To start with, it felt like there was too much gravity. As in, the way he came back to earth on his way down from appearing out of the box was very heavy and forceful. Also, the way he bent his arms in a way that would only really be possible if his legs were facing the same direction gave the whole animation a pretty awkward feel. The spacing on that part was very much what you used to do, too small movements and eased to a stop (not shown as a stop but the arms kept going, I always like to show one frame of the figure travelling the other way as the end of an animation, you'll see that if you watch some of my older animations, it seems to end it nicely instead of leaving the movement hanging).

    Also, it would have been nice if the "lid" to the box came back down, it would be easy to edit in and would be an opportunity to show more physics and some more 3D.

    Nice animation in short, definitely one for freestyle, though.


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