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Thread: Gun shot Test

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    Gun shot Test

    I was bored, and . . .

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    Re: Gun shot Test

    This is Freestyle, therefore people cannot 'rank' you.
    The animation itself was really, really fast, faster than my eyes could really follow until they got used to the pattern of the animation itself, which is sort of an issue considering, to 'rank' you or critique you, I need to be able to at least see some definite moving in the animation which I could barely make out. The gun was fired way too fast, so try slowing down the firing a bit as well as adding a bit of visual recoil to the gun to show some force being put upon the shooter; also, try to slow down the movements a bit and fix up your poses to make it look a bit better.

    It has potential if it were slowed down a bit, and fixed up a bit.
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