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    Inspired by Rick and Cronos cool joint :)

    Thread it ? Damn it is really hard to animate those moves like crono and rick does.

    [center:1aws77q8]ddcx with nico - 545(Done), ddcx with maws - 315 (done), ddcx solo 505(done) ,[/center:1aws77q8]
    [center:1aws77q8]thanks to arch for vip ! <3[/center:1aws77q8]

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    Re: Inspired by Rick and Cronos cool joint :)

    That's awesome! Great work

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    Thanks arch for the vip!!!

    Re: Inspired by Rick and Cronos cool joint :)

    ...I dont even know why you dont threaded it! its really awesome . The movements looked really good, but i think you can make then flow a really little bit more. Not much, only add 1 or 2 more frames on the final of a stab and at the start of another stab, but with a spacement like this:
    l-l--l---l-----l----l---l(final of a stab) and then l---l(start of another)l----l-----l----l---l--l-l and so on.
    Keep it up roflcopter, and good luck on your next aniamtion /


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