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    Style tests/New style?

    [center:26t1b37f]Style 1

    Credz to LinkS for the Dbz stk

    Julian Style

    Credz to Julian for using his style and credz to bert
    (Stk color rape =_=)

    Which one is better?[/center:26t1b37f]
    I LIKE PIE! :P


    Pivot Comes First, Studying Comes last :P

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    Re: Style tests/New style?

    style 1 because of how smooth it is. it seems a lot better than jullians heavy spacing.

    *You must be prepared for harsh critique. What I offer is in sight on what you should of done and you may get a offended, but you must understand if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen of art.


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