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    My brother first animation

    His 1st one EVER
    U might not understand it so ill tell u.. Its about a guy that stuck a sword in anotheer guy but then the guy with the sword stuck in him turns supa saiyan then dies coz someone shot him in da head

    Remember to Visit my thread of anims. (I put ALL the animations i do in it, even if its bad)http://darkdemon.org/viewtopic.php?f...77642#p1377642

    I know I'm stupid stop criticizing me *sad face*

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    Re: My brother first animation

    Lol Post you're own animations. If your brother wants people to see his he should make his own account. But other than that he needs to work the the basics easing, Gravity, Flow ect.

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    Re: My brother first animation

    Oh yes, the good days of being new to Pivot. My first animation was horrid :P
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