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    Need help!!!! Running

    Look at my running...


    How much do i have to move the stick y each frame??? can someone give me a tutorial please???

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    Re: Need help!!!! Running

    The running want actually that bad, it was just too slow.
    And when he puts his foot down, it slides forwards, shouldnt do that, so basically
    When the man puts his foot down, its stays in the same place.
    And Just only use about 4-5 frames in the running
    Make another Test, see if my tips helped, if not, then ask someone else.

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    Re: Need help!!!! Running

    Depends on how fast you want the run to be. FOr example, with a really fast run you have to move the limbs a lot:
    Behaviorally Related Neural Plasticity in the Arthropod Optic Lobes

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