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Thread: Movements

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    Re: Movements

    You changed the foor level, and the back handspring went too far, and needed som'ore easing.
    I do like the first jump though.
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    Re: Movements

    I don't really care about the floor level, thanks for tha comment though man.

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    Re: Movements

    Pretty much what soda said, i didnt see any flaws except the floor level, just use an invisible floor stk to keep track, Freestyle Courtesy ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lithium
    Niki&#39;s was awesome, the objects used in the animation were awesome and nicely done.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nutcracker
    I really hope that Niki gets intermediate when he posts the animation on his thread. He deserves it just as much as me.
    Quote Originally Posted by .Gay Black Superman.
    Niki&#39;s was amazing. It was like Vigilante at first, but it got better. That was a really top quality animation. I hope he gets inter.
    Quote Originally Posted by BolteuZz
    Yeah Niki&#39;s job was amazing, i love it too !
    Quote Originally Posted by Tasty
    Hot damn Niki, Your BBODD2 Was excellent.

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    Re: Movements

    Quote Originally Posted by Nuke
    everyone is fucking using that stick now lol
    The animation was great, I don't give a shit about that floor level thing, its the movements that matter and they are pretty good.


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