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    A sneek peek and etc :]

    Well this is a short peek of my interz attempt and 2 new sitcks that could appear in the animation
    here i go!

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    and the sticks *-*

    iv noticed the animation is a bit to fast but you know..gifs..00
    anyways im gonna finish it and post it on the b hall :]]]]]]]]]]

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    Re: A sneek peek and etc :]

    The trees are bending in their center instead of bending from the bottom to the side, this makes them like bad foot placement, fix it and you're good, no major flaws, i think you might get inter
    [center:3i7r1xav]My Thread, Courtesy ?
    BBODDC2 - 4th Place
    Quote Originally Posted by Lithium
    Niki's was awesome, the objects used in the animation were awesome and nicely done.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nutcracker
    I really hope that Niki gets intermediate when he posts the animation on his thread. He deserves it just as much as me.
    Quote Originally Posted by .Gay Black Superman.
    Niki's was amazing. It was like Vigilante at first, but it got better. That was a really top quality animation. I hope he gets inter.
    Quote Originally Posted by BolteuZz
    Yeah Niki's job was amazing, i love it too !
    Quote Originally Posted by Tasty
    Hot damn Niki, Your BBODD2 Was excellent.


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