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    360 3d Run- New stick every frame

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    Re: 360 3d Run- New stick every frame

    Hmm.. it looks really weird. I can't tell whether it's just because it's a run loop and launches straight into the run or if the 3D is just off in general. From what I can see, the torso shrinks way too much. Don't overthink perspective (unless a fisheye kind of view is what you're going for..), as it's barely noticable with something like a stickman.

    It's a great effort though, it'd probably look fine if it was in the middle of an animation. Do more!
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    Re: 360 3d Run- New stick every frame

    like picto said, it would probably look much better if it were in a longer animation and wasn't looked, like having him turn while running at someone or something. It was interesting nonetheless though

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    Re: 360 3d Run- New stick every frame

    It was pretty good and certainly a good starting point for making a 3D run but the problem I had was that the limbs looked a tad two dimensional to me and the stick didn't actually look like he was running.

    I do genuinely think this is a promising start for making a 3D run seeing as you have the right idea about changing the joint lengths and sizes and everything, but it could do with some work. Keep practising, it would be great to see you master it and add it to an animation.
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    Re: 360 3d Run- New stick every frame

    I think you need so straighten out the body more when it rotated backwards. It looks like the lower torso just bent down in 2D, while the upper torso was in 3D, making it look very awkward.
    Regardless, it's still pretty cool.

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    Re: 360 3d Run- New stick every frame

    Looks so classic "unreal 3D". There should be more frames and run itself doesn't look smooth. Also the way you made the leg "grow" larger as it came closer the camera was _so_ exaggerated. Anyways it's a good try, but few simple tricks would make it alot better (I think I'll leave 'em for myself so I can showoff a bit later, haha )

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    Re: 360 3d Run- New stick every frame

    make the camera spin slower, and add more sticks for the run then everybody can see a fantastic run.


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