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Thread: Run test

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    Run test

    Tava fušando e ai deu essa run,eu nunca vi em nenhuma anima de alguem por isso deduzi que eu criei se eu estiver errado,me diga.
    Courtesy beast?


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    Re: Run test

    Sorry but i do not understand your language..but the animation is shaky..with the legs and the arms..it should smooth and come to slow stop and go again
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    Re: Run test

    You should probably post in english before posting an animation, at least use a translator.
    The run was okay if you were going for a more cartoony thing.
    Still blank lol


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    Re: Run test

    for a real run it needs quite a bit of work. but for a cartooney run the only thing I can say is use a little more easing, eliminate some shakiness and move his hips and back more. he looks real stiff

    ... but you probably didn't understand a lick of that.


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