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    Little Explosion

    [center:3kei8th4]Little Explosion
    Don't mention the physics, this animation was purely focused on the explosion itself. Also, this was one of my first tries,, so don't get all: "Wow, that was bad, you suck.", even though it's true.[/center:3kei8th4]

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    Re: Little Explosion

    Wasn't too bad I suppose, especially for a first, but it lacked a lot of power and didn't really look like an explosion at all, more of a burst of flame. Add a tremor and/or a flash or something in there to make it look more explosive and spread it out a bit more so that it actually looks like an explosion. You have the right idea when it comes to the particle deterioration though, so if you keep practising you should be able to refine your technique.
    Keep working at it is the best advice I can give. Just try to make sure you actually make it explode as opposed to making a small burst of flames.
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    Re: Little Explosion

    Is that made in Pivot or Flash?
    fuck off physics in tests, but the Explosion looks great, though.
    Good Job.


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