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    fail fail fail so i posted it here.

    I was working on a fight but i tried working in a camera effect and failed. seems like i am not ready to use that effect oh well.. I am going to remake it just with out the effect.

    Btw i know the arm is stiff on the push up i was working on the camera and forgot to move it. I was going to go back and edit it but i realized it sucks balls.

    Check out my thread.

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    Re: fail fail fail so i posted it here.

    It's alright, but it probably failed because of the wrong fighting tecnique.
    Now, they are kicking eachoter at practicall the same time, it is really hard to see what is actually going on.
    It is better if man1 kicks man2's butt, man2 gets enraged and kicks man1's butt

    It is also more enjoyable to watch.
    Hope u understand my explanation.

    Good luck
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