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Thread: Lock this.

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    If I told you that i would have to kill you...

    Lock this.

    Don't worry people staff you can lock it.
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    Thank you Camel

    Re: How is This?

    dude sorry, but, this animation are really bad :/
    have no flow, the cam movement are weird, and the run too.
    but do not be discouraged or something, everyone goes through that phase, i mean, everyone has to learn gradually each requirement to make a good animation.
    the good thing on it is the background, is pretty good for a ini-low
    so keep practicing
    good luck

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    Re: How is This?

    well ... .. . it's true man, it LOOKS great, but it lacks of lot of things, easing, flow, physics and stuff, try to do a think like that when you already manage an animation without Onionskin man, it looks great, but really it isn't
    just keep practicing :3

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    Re: How is This?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ninja
    I am making this animation now and i plan for it to be my best animation but how does it look so far? Criticism, comments and Constructive Criticisms are fine! Tell me if any or node pixel is out place.
    [center:1cik8udf]Thank you.[/center:1cik8udf]


    P.S. i will re-post here every time i edit it!

    This was inspired my Legend but i made everything on my own.
    FUCK YOU ASS HOLE! when you say inspired don't steal. i am the original creator of this so go fuck yourself ninja.

    here is the original by the way.

    i wouldn't mind if it was just you being inspired by me but this is just thievery.
    please change it or at least get a staff member to delete this thread.


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    Re: Lock this.



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