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    Kaikijo's anim thread!

    Hey there DD, as my post count'll suggest, I've never posted on here before. And as my joindate will suggest, I only joined this morning! I have, however, animated in the past, like a year or two, and the past couple of weeks I have spent getting some practice animations together. Tonight, I would just like to show them!

    This was just a running test, the first anim in two years or so. He floats because I couldn't be bothered animating more, and I didn't want to stop.

    Then he hops a box. I wasn't so keen on this one, the dismount was shitty, as was the general animation work.

    Then he lunges up! I quite liked how he boosted himself up, but not so much the climbing of the peek or the standing. Most of these are just the older one plus some new stuff.

    Such as this! A run plus a mount. Then a "floop". That's the weird semi-dive he does. That's a thing now. I coined it.

    After flooping, you gotta flip. I enjoyed making this one, but I'm unhappy with the slide. He gains speed, although he flies at the end, so I guess normal physics don't apply to him. I'm quite a fan of this Bramble character, by the way. So on the off chance the guy who made it (I'm not sure who it was, you know where to look. Bramble Pack.) is reading this, congrats! It's epic.
    Tell me whatcha think! But don't be too brutal, theres only so much brutality left in this world, and Nathan Explosion is more or less using all of it.

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    Re: Kaikijo's anim thread!

    i feel some love frome you to that base XD, good anims bud, but you need to work on Feetplacement, and easing, try to work on that basics


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