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Thread: Hi Guys!

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    Hi Guys!

    I┤m New in this forum, i speak spa˝ish xD,(sorry for my bad english), i will wait level up on pivot, and here present my pivot animation.

    PD: in pivot warez, i┤m low begginer border to med begginer.

    Low beg animation┤s:

    Test 1:


    Test 2:


    Test 3:


    Test 4:


    Well, that's all, rank me and say that am failing
    I will ever be with you Ciel...[/center:qz9nfqmr]


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    Re: Hi Guys!

    just to let you know, freesyle is for animations you dont wanna get ranked, if you want them ranked pu it in beginners hal although i think you already have one right? If so youll have to delete this one or the beginner hall thread since you cant have an animation in freestyle and begginer-elite section.


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    Re: Hi Guys!

    Don't post the same thread in freestyle + beginners. I'll lock this one, use your thread in beginners hall.


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