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    wallz r cul giuze XD

    i fucked up pretty badly.

    wereZ i love your base btw :3

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    Re: wallz r cul giuze XD

    I'm not sure what to say about the animation.
    The run into it seemed good but the flip was.....uh....interesting

    The landing could have been a bit better but yeah lol xD

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    Re: wallz r cul giuze XD

    One frame made it look like he was about to do a backflip which just made the frontflip seem worse. It looks like his body rotates around his head instead of his origin but it's hard to tell because the flip was way to fast.
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    Re: wallz r cul giuze XD

    Fix the power in the landing, Make on of his legs sweep out and under and bend up behind him showing the speed he was moving, and have him go down harder and ease it less, maybe a bounce backwards too

    sick job.


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