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Thread: Practices

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    Im trying to improve.

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    Re: Practices

    Still low begineer myself, but what I can see is that your sticks are kind of stiff. Wasn't many problems in the first animation. The red and blue sticks were done good, but the black one acted way too much like a puppet. My advice on that one would be to lower his center point and bend his knees more fully (like a sumo wrestler) and have the energy balls gradually slow down once his hands grab them and compress his arms. Then just straighten his arms back out from the compression, like a spring, and then launch the balls back at the shooters.

    As for everything else, bend joints more. And keep in mind that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you punch with one arm, the other one is going to move to some extent in the other direction as well. If you punch with both arms forward, the head and neck with go back. And if you land from a fall, feet will go flat, knees will go outward, the center point will lower straight down, and the arms will lower as well.


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