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    Unfinished stuff and a new anim

    Something I'm animating atm.

    Unfinished 1
    Pretty old and obviously unfinished, but I still think it's one of my best animation.

    Unfinished 2
    This isn't too good...

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    Re: Unfinished stuff and a new anim

    wow this is some entertaining stuff you have there. Unfinished 1 was really great, you should've thread that man!
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    Re: Unfinished stuff and a new anim

    Wow! the camera movements were nice! good smooth animation, I really like it

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    Re: Unfinished stuff and a new anim

    To me, you've probably got one of the most noticeable styles on the forum as an intermediate. I can tell you like to heavy space your camera movements, but you ease it into each angle perfectly so it looks great! The overall movements were enjoyable as well. I'd say my favorite one is the one your working on now. The only thing about it that bugs me, is how far up his back arm is after he lands. It seems awkward being held like that. Although, that 3D zooming scene was awesome! Overall, great job on all of these.


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