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    Please help me with my animation skills?

    I tried as hard as I could, and now I'm terrible compared to what I used to be. This is my walking animation:


    Yeah, that's terrible. What exactly is wrong with my animations? How can I fix them? I have no clue what the heck easing or flow is. If somebody could explain... I don't understand how in 4-5 years away from pivot I get THIS terrible. I see people in Beginner with amazing animations! And when compared to mine... Well... I feel like I don't belong here anymore. Haha. I probably don't, but I read Cronos' post, and I want it to be clear that I actually put EFFORT into this. So, I beg of you to help me, not trash this post. :/

    Good day...

    (By the way, if it matters, the framerate I use all the time is 13-15. Usually 15)
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    Re: Please help me with my animation skills?

    animate at 18-20. Try looking at tutorials and try them out. Just keep practicing and you will be good


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