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    Two Animations quickly done today.

    I was bored today, so i got out my laptop and animated something quick.

    I like the outcome.


    And here is the second one.


    Both were really quick made and it was alot of fun animating them.

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    Re: Two Animations quickly done today.

    Your new style is developing along quite nicely, I must say. Both were good, but I especially liked the 1st one. Great power!

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    Tychus Findlay

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    Re: Two Animations quickly done today.

    That first one had some nice poses Bombtastic, but the arm on the guy whos kicking looked a little awkward. Maybe instead of stretching it so far backwards, leave it down by his side. For some reason it looks like it puts him off balance during the kick. The reaction was spot on though, very rag doll-ish and I like it.

    The second one was also pretty good for being made quickly. I know this isn't the area to be ranking you in so I won't, but I'll tell you the few errors I found that I thought made it look a little off. For one, there probably should of been some 3D on his knees during the build up to the second flip in order to help show some bend. Along with the feet because they seem to just disappear off screen, which seems to be quite a big problem because thats where my eyes keep going when watching this. And the final thing that I'm noticing, is his quick loss of momentum after the last flip. The spacing in his origin seems like it slowed down too abruptly.

    Other than those opinion based flaws I just pointed out, they were both very well done. So nice job.

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    無駄な人生。美しい人生。 tenks's Avatar

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    Re: Two Animations quickly done today.

    On the first one it looks like he is bending to the kick, more than actually getting hit, cool stuff tho'.

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    Re: Two Animations quickly done today.

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